Program Information

Graduate students can pursue topics related to Mathematical Biology, Theoretical Physics, Computer Algebra, and Dynamical Systems. In addition, graduate students can choose to enhance their degree by participating in the Collaborative PhD Program in Theoretical Physics, or by pursuing an emphasis in Scientific Computing alongside their core research interests. Students interested in studying Mathematical Finance should contact the Department of Statistical and Actuarial Sciences.

Applicants are strongly encouraged to contact potential faculty supervisors prior to submitting a formal application for graduate studies.  We particularly welcome people with external scholarships, such as, Canada Graduate Scholarship, NSERC Postgraduate Fellowship, and Ontario Graduate Scholarship, as well as scholarships/fellowships by foreign governments.

Applicants from China are encouraged to take advantage of the opportunity offered by a recent cooperative  program between China Scholarship Council (CSC) and Western University: CSC provide living expensives and Western provies financial support to cover the tuition during the 4 year's Ph. D study. For details, read the Memoradum between CSC-UWO and follow the related instructions to proceed, or contact the graduate chair Dr. Xingfu Zou (