PhD Programs

Applied Mathematics Ph.D. Degree Requirements

  1. An Applicant for the Ph.D. degree will be expected to hold a M.Sc. degree. However, a student who has registered for a M.Sc. degree may transfer to the Ph.D. degree program without finishing the requirements for the M.Sc. degree provided the student's supervisor and supervisory committee agree.

  2. The course work required for the student, normally four half-courses, will be decided by the supervisory committee, and approved by the Graduate Affairs Committee. The half-courses 505 and 561 are core courses for the AM graduate program and the course selection for every student in the Ph.D. program must include these two half-courses unless they or their equivalent were taken at the M.Sc. level.

  3. All Ph.D. candidates are required to complete successfully a written comprehensive examination in the first year of their program. This examination will ordinarily be offered annually in May or June, at least one month after the end of spring term examinations.

  4. Each student is required to make an oral presentation on the subject of the Ph.D. research work once a year.

Collaborative Ph.D. Degree Programs

In addition to our regular grad programs, we offer two special programs:

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