Cross and Adjunct Faculty

Cross-Appointed Faculty at Western

Name Cross Listed Department
Shantanu Basu Physics and Astronomy
Dan Christensen Mathematics
Styliani Constas Chemistry
Matt Davison Statistics and Actuarial Sciences
Jerzy M. Floryan Mechanical and Materials Engineering
Carol Jones Physics and Astronomy
Lila Kari (LOA) Computer Science
Rogemar Mamon Statistics and Actuarial Sciences
Marc Moreno Maza Computer Sciences
Fredrik Odegaard Ivey School of Business
Art Poon Schulich School of Medicine and Dentistry
Hubert Pun Ivey School of Business
Mark Reesor Statistics and Actuarial Sciences
David Stanford Statistics and Actuarial Sciences
Viktor N. Staroverov Chemistry
Stephen Watt (LOA) Computer Science

Adjunct Faculty

Name Affiliation
Robert Batterman The University of Pittsburgh
Jaume Gomis Perimiter Institute
Adam Metzler Wilfred Laurier University
Tyson Whitehead SHARCNET, Western University