Study Applied Mathematics and Solve the World Around You!

Applied Mathematicians model the behaviour of phenomena in the natural or social sciences in order to understand them and make predictions. The phenomena occur in such widely differing areas as the dispersal of pollutants in the environment, the flow of blood in arteries, interactions among subatomic particles, and the behaviour of financial markets. These are all studied in the Department of Applied Mathematics.

Our Undergraduate Teaching Philosophy

An applied mathematician must be a skillful mathematician with good training in at least one of the natural or social sciences. The emphasis in the teaching of the department is on the mathematical description and solution of problems in different fields of application, rather than on the study of the abstract topics of pure mathematics.

Our Programs

Western offers honours, major, and minor undergraduate modules in applied mathematics, scientific computing, and theoretical physics. Students enter the module programs at the second-year level after the successful completion of a first-year program. Undergraduate students in our department can choose to specialize in applied mathematics, or combine applied mathematics with any number of programs in the natural, social, or engineering sciences.

Our undergraduate students may also choose to undertake research in our department by enrolling in our AM 4999z course, or by pursuing summer research opportunities with faculty members.


The purpose of the Undergraduate Society of Applied Math (USAM) is to improve the experience of undergrad Applied Math students of Western University. Our aim is to promote interest in the quickly growing and widely applicable field of applied mathematics.

USAM gives students an opportunity to network with their peers and meet faculty members through a variety of social events. We wish to engage undergraduate students by allowing them to meet and learn about ongoing research in the faculty, as well as apply their skills outside of the classroom in competitions.